“I think it was in 1983 or ’84… I had just returned home to Atlanta from a 2-week gig playing the southeast college circuit. I just settled onto the couch about to pass out, when from out of nowhere, I hear some really amazing drum chops coming from our converted garage studio. I jumped up and went in to see who in the hell it was… and when I opened the door there was this little kid sitting behind the drums. It’s true! It was Sean… 16 years old. I recall thinking, I’ve played with a few monster drummers and hear sits a child who smokes most of them. Wow. A few months after he graduated high school Sean was playing in my band. We never had a single practice, he performed the first night as though he had been doing it for years. I was awestruck every night and honored to share the stage with him. God decides who the truly gifted ones are… most of them we know by their first names, John, Paul, Carrie, Aretha, Whitney, Ray, Michael, Duanne, Jimi, Adele. I would include Sean in that list.” -Steve North- CCO at Sailfish Films INC.

“Sean O’Rourke is considered “First Call” in studios far and wide, and with good reason. Sean brings skill and experience, but more than that, the ability to deliver what is requested, and then open his bag of tricks to bring ideas that, more often than not, take a project to a higher level of creativity. I have worked with Sean for many years and highly recommend him for any style of music and production, both as drummer and producer.” Garrison Elliot- Bert Elliott Sound, Audio Post Recording Studio

“I had to go back and listen to┬áDoug Webb’s┬árecord after Sean’s posting yesterday, the thing’s that were so cool when I was mixing it was that there was no put together manufactured crap, it was top to bottom real playing. Some people just do not understand how important that is to the energy and individuality of a record usually … See Moreafter mixing a record the last thing I want to do is go back and listen to for pleasure but I put Doug’s record in yesterday for the first time in a while and listened to every track and was inspired as a drummer to go out and practice. I wish more record’s had that kind of life to them. ”┬á ┬áEric Snipes Engineer /┬áLava Room Recordings

“Sean did a great job for me on my new CD. Great drum parts, fantastic sounds, in-the-pocket feel, and quick turnaround!
I can recommend Sean O’Rourke as a world-class musician.”
Steve Carey
Grammy® Nominee & former A&M recording artist.

“There may be alot of great musicians out there, but it’s very rare to find someone with great taste. Even though I’m in a different continent, Sean understood what my songs needed just by listening to a crappy guide with the click track I sent him.. Sean has the vision of a great producer and I’m not afraid to say he is probably one of the best drummers in the world right now, It was an awesome experience for me ”┬á

“Quite simply, Sean is one of the best drummers on the planet. I’ve called upon him often as a live player (including at this year’s Atlanta Jazz Festival), as well as for his excellent recording and production skills (including on my upcoming CD, Guiro), and he always delivers the goods. It’s rare to find a musician that combines incredible feel with technical expertise; but Sean’s got it all”

Bradford Producer, Composer, Multi-instrumentalist

“Contracted Sean on 2 drum sessions via internet, from Shanghai, China to USA. Great drumming, super cool drum fills and great Drum sound, Love this cat, he’s fast to deliver with satisfying results!” Eisen Yeo-China

“I’ve known Sean for 20 years and he is one of the most proficient individuals I have worked with to date. As a musician and drummer he is absolutely one of the finest. He is a true professional in every sense of the word and I can’t say enough about what he brings to the Musical and Creative table.” Bobby Boos- President at B2 Production Services

“I’ve known and worked with Sean for many years now in both live and studio environments. Sean is a brilliant drummer who has the ability to perform any style demanded of him. His work ethic is beyond reproach. He follows direction and offers suggestions with equal enthusiasm. Since his creation of Worldwide Drum Tracks Sean is able to deliver his style via internet as well, at affordable rates. His recording techniques for his drum tracks are stellar! If you’re looking for a great drummer for your song, gig or recording session, don’t hesitate to call Sean.” Buzz Amato-Producer at Amatones Music

“Sean O’Rourke is a world class drummer and has provided me with perfect tracks on many occasions. His tracks also sound as good as the performance because he has good engineering skills. I had the pleasure of playing on an album with Sean in 2004, written and produced by Jerry Ragovoy, that was nominated for a Grammy. Sean also has the very important talent of being able to play with a click without sounding like he’s playing with a click. This is a very important talent to have when you want time based music to groove. I highly recommend Sean as a session drummer.”┬á Rick Hinkle- AudioCam Music

“Sean is a premium musician and a ‘Jedi’ drummer. He filled in on a live gig with my band, without any rehearsals, and was spot on. He’s performed drum sessions on several of my songs from his own studio, and the drums sounded fabulous, and were recorded very professionally, and in a timely manner. His performance and creativity was on the money, with very little direction, and he picked up on things I had not thought of. Professional, positive, creative… these are the attributes a producer looks for from the talent on his recordings, and Sean’s got ’em” – Scott McDavid (Composer/Producer)

“Worked at Sean’s today on the latest Boss the Tweed tune. It was The very last song I wrote some years ago while working on “Grey” and it didn’t make the record. I feel blessed to have such a talented friend, engineer, producer helping me navigate through some very difficult material. Not too shabby on the drums either hahahaha. Thanks Sean! Also kudos to Barry Thrasher, Mike Ewbank, and Greg High for playing yer arses off!!! This stuff is coming out better than I ever could have imagined! More to come….”┬á ┬áDavid Brian Smith-┬áComposer

“I’ve had the pleasure of playing live with Sean, and let me attest, he is world-class. When he told me I could get his tracks on my recordings for $150, I freaked. In a good way. The process is simple and Sean was Mr. Responsive. More importantly, the vibe of the performance was right on, and the engineering was great. Bottom line, my demo turned into a real song, and now proudly sits on iTunes. I will definitely engage Dr. O’Rourke again. Total no-brainer.”┬á Mike McLeod

“I have been performing and recording with drummer Sean “the groove master” O’Rourke for over 15 years now. Sean plays the song and because he is so versatile, he can use sticks, brushes or his hands depending on what the song needs. But mainly, I just love the way he makes it groove. He is the master!” Kodac Harrison.
PS More recently I have been the beneficiary of his fine engineering and production skills. He is a talented man.

“I was unfamiliar with the process of outsourcing, when Sean and I first spoke about it. Sean took the time to help me through the technology part and was great at working with me to get the drum parts right. He’s a terrific drummer and a great professional. The parts were always perfect on the first samples he returned. This was my first full length project, and Sean’s drumming really made the difference in it. I had a lot of questions through the process and Sean was extremely patient and helpful. I am working on a new project and have come back to Sean to add the drums to that because I was so impressed with how the first one turned out.” Mike Panzeca┬á ┬á

“I recently used Sean on the title track of my 2008 CD release, “Body Mind & Spirit”. I was working out of a local recording studio in Kennesaw and was able to easily e-mail Sean all of my audio files. He very quickly turned around the drum tracks and did a superior job. It’s definitely the best track on the CD, in large part due to Sean’s outstanding talents. I have also had the pleasure of working with him live many times. He is one of the greatest drummers I have ever worked with. If he is available for your project, GRAB HIM! You will be thrilled with the results!”
Jennifer Ferren-Freeflight Productions, New Thought Recording Artist,
Singer/Songwriter, Bandleader, Freeflight Dance Band