Frequently asked questions


How Much Does It Cost?
Rates: $150 for one song, $125 per song for up to 4 songs, $100 per song for 4 or more songs.  Rates include one redo per song.

How Do I Get Started? 
Start by emailing me an mp3, wav, aiff, or whatever you have.  Make sure you include song notes in the email (ie) tempo info, any ideas you might have.  You can get as specific as you'd like or let Me do what I do. We can use dropbox for larger files.

Send email to only1take@gmail.com



What Happens After I Send My files?
I will carefully review your song and notes , then record your drum tracks in his ProTools studio.  I will email you a reference mp3 that includes my drum performance.  Give it a listen.  Send an email letting me know if you approve, or if not, what changes you would like.  Upon your approval, you will receive a PayPal invoice.  When payment is received, I ’ll send you a link to download your new drum tracks! 

What are the File Formats for the Drum Tracks? 
All drum tracks are available in WAV format in either 44.1k/16bit or 48k/24bit.  All files start at “zero position” and are consolidated, i.e. single, continuous files.  Import drumtracks with any recording platform (ProTools, Cubase, Sonar, GarageBand…). 

Who Owns the Drum Tracks?
You do!  I do not retain any ownership over the drum tracks you pay for.  So don’t worry, if your song makes a million on iTunes, you don’t have to split it with your drummer! 

Any Processing to the Drum Tracks?
Totally up to you, We can send raw files or Lightly compress and EQ the tracks prior to sending them.

What Individual Drum Tracks Will I Receive?
Typically,depending on the tune,you will recieve:

  • Snare top
  • Snare bottom
  • Kick in
  • Kick out
  • High Tom
  • Mid Tom
  • Low tom
  • Hi-Hat
  • Stereo Overheads
  • Stereo Room



Bottom line: No need to book studio time, pay an engineer, or drive to the studio. You save money and reduce emissions in the comfort of your own home. In addition, you get real drum tracks from a Grammy recognized drummer.


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